Strategy and Roadmap

At Authen Security we approach IAM as a business issue first and focus on the current state understanding of existing IAM business processes as the first step. Our experience has shown that with this current state in mind and a defined long-term vision of IAM, the correct incremental phases can be strategically planned out.

Proof-of-Concept and Vendor Selection

With a well thought out capability matrix and our experience of the IAM vendor landscape, we navigate the array of vendors and filter down to a few that are ideal candidates.  The products are then explored with respect to the future state business processes. Our advisory team produces the total cost of ownership and conducts a cost benefit analysis. The outcome is an objective opinion on the best-fit product.

Design, Deploy and Operate

We combine product knowledge, and experience from multiple implementations to compress the time to deliver highly scalable and integrated IAM solutions. Once the technical foundations are in place along with initial adoption, we work with our clients to setup a governance framework to operate and sustain the solution. As required, we also offer a hybrid operating model to run a successfull IAM program.